“Its post-human aspects are reminiscent of Under the Skin, its slowly teased mysteries recall Upstream Colour, and its bold surprises are pure mindscrambling sci-fi.” - Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian With the support of the Alliance Français With Special Guest Lucile Hadžihalilovic Returning to screens over ten years after her memorable debut Innocence, Lucile Hadžihalilovic's new film is akin to a beguiling and deeply unsettling siren's song. An alchemical concoction of timeless folklore and science fiction body-horror, Évolution may vaguely resemble what might be the result, were David Cronenberg tasked with injecting his cinematic DNA into a Grimm Brothers' narrative. This is in no way some cheap knock-off, though. Instead it is a singular, stylish and indefinable glimpse into the dark depths, contorting a unique rumination on the nature of reproduction into a startling provocation of male physical anxieties. The title lends itself nicely to a work replete with sinister possibilities as the direction in which the human race - and specifically our methods of procreation - might go. In this instance, however, this is not a natural progression but one of intervention. The precise setting, like much else, is left unnervingly free of context, meaning that audiences are constantly left to speculate on the nature of what is happening, and what exactly it is supposed to mean. Ben Nicholson Cine-Vue