Vox Lux

Directed by Brady Corbet
  • USA
  • 1hr 50min
  • 2018
  • English

A famous and successful rock diva visits her demons in Brady Corbet’s character-driven drama. When a teenage Celeste sings at a memorial service after somehow surviving a violent act, it marks the beginning of her transformation into a global superstar and the loss of privacy and innocence that that entails. Decades later, Celeste is a formidable musical icon who is forced to strategise a comeback after a scandal which almost ended her career.

Anchored by an astonishing performance by Portman, Brady Corbet's second film is an innovative and ambitious portrait of fame

Gráinne Humphreys, Festival Director

Natalie Portman
Jude Law
Raffey Cassidy

Schedule & Tickets

28 Feb 20:45 Cineworld