The White Crow

Directed by Ralph Fiennes
  • UK / France
  • 2hr 2min
  • 2018
  • English

Ralph Fiennes brings the dramatic circumstances behind the defection to the west of a young Rudolf Nureyev to life in his latest feature. Nureyev’s extraordinary talent as a ballet dancer, as well as his life-changing decision, lie at the heart of the story. From his poverty stricken childhood to his rise to the top of his craft, it’s the true story of a unique artist who transformed the world of ballet forever. 

Engrossing and quite moving, Fiennes' film is both a celebration of Nureyev's life and a valentine to Paris

Gráinne Humphreys, Festival Director

Oleg Ivenko
Ralph Fiennes
Louis Hofmann

Schedule & Tickets

1 Mar 20:30 Cineworld