We are the architects of our own destiny.

And the mind has the ability to shape reality. From epic dreamscapes and alternate universes to real-life magic that we can reach out and touch; what we put our minds to, we create. And cinema has the power to give life to these fantastical fantasies trapped in our psyche. Luckily for us, Dublin International Film Festival 2022 has a whole host of mind-bending films to take you on a journey of pure imagination and creativity.

Here are 5 films that will ask you to abandon the ordinary, to open your imagination, and to prepare for the unexpected.

1. Wolf

Taking a trip into the depths of the human psyche, Wolf will leave you with a new understanding of what makes us human.

Summary: Director and writer Nathalie Biancheri follows the acclaimed Nocturnal with this drama filmed on location in Ireland. Biancheri’s feature has drawn an impressive cast including George MacKay and Lily-Rose Depp. Jacob, whose condition called species dysphoria makes him believe he is a wolf trapped inside a human’s body, enters the care of the controversial ‘True You’ clinic, where extreme therapies are used. There, he forms a bond with a long-term patient named Wildcat. As their friendship blossoms into an undeniable infatuation, Jacob is faced with a challenge: will he renounce his true self for love? 

When: Fri, Mar 4th, 8:15 PM Light House Cinema 

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 2. Strawberry Mansion

In this trippy, oddball film, dreams become a commodity for profit. A comedic exploration of dreamworlds with a sprinkle of capitalism for good measure.

Summary: In a future world where the government records and taxes dreams, a dream auditor gets caught up in the vivid imagination of an ageing eccentric. Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney’s quirky, offbeat drama imagines a world where our dreams are for sale, shifting as it does so between farce, romance and satire. It unfolds as a surreal and humorous account in the spirit of where we all go when we close our eyes. 

When: Feb 26th, 1:30 PM – Mar 1st, 1:30 PM Online 

Fri, Feb 25th, 11:00 PM Light House Cinema 

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3. Mau

Explore the career of design icon Bruce Mau in this inspiring documentary showcasing the brilliance of a single mind.

Summary: From Mecca to MOMA, from Guatemala to Coca Cola, Bruce Mau has long believed that design is one of the world’s most-powerful forces. Benjamin Bergmann and Jono Bergmann’s documentary delves into the mind of one of design’s most celebrated forces as he looks back over an illustrious career. Mau makes for an engaging and charismatic presence in the film, which charts his ambitious vision as he tackles the most challenging of problems with design. 

When: Mar 5th, 6:30 PM – Mar 8th, 6:30 PM Online 

Sat, Mar 5th, 4:30 PM Odeon Point Square 

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 4. Cannon Arm & the Arcade Quest

Join Kim Cannon Arm as he takes off on a record-breaking, 100 hour siege against the psychedelic pixels of a 1980's video game.

Summary: Kim Cannon Arm is no ordinary gamer. Armed with a mullet and a legendary amount of skill and co-ordination, he’s a well-known character in Copenhagen’s Bip Bip Bar, where his gaming prowess is second to none. His play record on 80s game Gyrrus is 49 hours on a single coin - but Kim’s set on breaking that, with the help of some of his colourful fellow punters and friends. 

When: Mar 1st, 8:45 PM – Mar 4th, 8:45 PM Online 

Tue, Mar 1st, 6:15 PM Light House Cinema 

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 5. Bipolar

A young woman's decision to return a magical lobster to its home sparks an epic journey of a mind-bending nature.

Summary: A young singer-songwriter arrives in Tibet in director Queena Li’s atmospheric fable, based on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus. Struggling with what appears to be trauma, she connects to the rainbow lobster in her small hotel aquarium - and vows to cross the country to return it to the sea and its rightful home. Identity and self-determination form the backbone to this unique and trippy film, set across the vast expanse of China. 

When: Feb 24th, 9:00 PM – Feb 27th, 9:00 PM Online 

Thu, Feb 24th, 6:30 PM Light House Cinema 

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