A Guide to School Bookings for Fantastic Flix

Fantastic Flix offers an educational cinema experience for pupils aged 4 - 16 in cinemas throughout Dublin from the 1st - 4th March 2018. This exciting line-up of high-quality Irish and International films addresses themes of identity, family, acceptance, loss, friendship, and teamwork.

More films and attending guests to be announced.


€5 per ticket (€4 for DEIS schools). Teachers' tickets are complimentary. For every 10 students, there must be an accompanying teacher. If you have any questions or wish to make a school booking, click here, call us on 01 687 7974 or email Adam on Admin@diff.ie




Room 213
11.00 / Friday 2 March / Omniplex Rathmines
Runtime: 81 mins / Live Action / Swedish with English Subtitles

Contains themes of friendship, ghost stories, teamwork, adventure, and mystery.

Cert: 12A


At Eye Level
13.00 / Thursday 1 March / Dundrum VIP Screen
Runtime: 98 mins / Life Action / German with English Subtitles

Deals with themes of family, challenging expectations, friendship, bullying, and embracing differences.

Cert: 12A


10.00 / Thursday 1 March / Omniplex Rathmines
11.30 / Friday 2 March / Light House Cinema
Runtime: 78 mins / Live Action / Dutch, Swedish, Sami with English Subtitles
Q&A with Director after both screenings

Contains themes of family, acceptance, fish out of water, adventure, and environmentalism.

Short Film preceding screenings: Footsteps
Runtime: 15 mins / AnimationLive Action / Icelandic with English Subtitles

Cert: PG for ‘mild threat and emotional scenes’




13.00 / Friday 2 March / Dundrum VIP Screen
Runtime: 77 mins / Documentary with Animation

A challenging documentary featuring stories from five orphans sharing their experience growing up in Swaziland, drawing on their darkest memories and brightest dreams. Deals with themes of loss, friendship, adventure, hardship, and abandonment.

Cert: 12A for ‘moderate threat and harrowing themes of illness and abuse’