Giffoni Experience Blog: Naoise Byrne, Generator 13+ Programme

My host family were amazing, I was look after very well. It was a very time so I did not get to meet too many other international jurors.

The Irish delegation and I had fun travelling together. The Giffoni Film Festival was very different to any Irish Film Festival, like the language and late nights

My favourite film was "This Crazy Heart" because it could be a true story, this could happen to anyone.

The  memory that stands out for me is meeting up with my Irish friends, going into Giffoni to watch flms and hang out afterwards at the festival events and listen to music.

It is good to watch film from all over the world because everyone has a different out look on life. I would recommend for everyone to go. (But even better if you know the language!). Thank you for this experience. - Naoise