The ADIFF Weekly Round-Up: Friday 21st July

A weekly round-up of film news, events and cinema releases.

Some things you need to know...


1. The IFI has announced its lineup for its Family Festival, scheduled for August 25 to 27. To read more about the planned films and workshops, visit Scannian for more information.


2. The discussion over a 21st Century Fox takeover bid of Sky has stalled. The UK government has decided to make the decision after their summer break. Read more on Variety.


3. The Irish Film & Television Academy is looking for Irish language films that would qualify for the American Academy Awards. Click here for more information on how to submit your film for consideration.


4. The cast of “Dunkirk”, including Irish actors Cillian Murphy, 2016 ADIFF Discovery Award Winner Barry Keoghan, and Kenneth Branagh, applaud Director Christopher Nolan’s stunning new war drama. Visit THR to read the actors’ views on the new film.


5. What a month for women! Check out The Irish Times’ list of heroines to idolize on the small and silver screen, including Volta Award Winner Angela Lansbury’s iconic role of Jessica Fletcher! Click here for the full list.



And new releases in cinemas this week—


City of Ghosts – Directed by Matthew Heineman

“Following up his Oscar-nominated exploration of Mexican drug gangs in Cartel Land director Mathew Heineman turns his attention east and to ISIS central, Raqqa, the Syrian city seized by the jihadists in 2014. Very little footage of daily life has escaped the city but Aziz, Mohammad and Hamoud, three amateur journalists and members of R.B.S.S. (Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently), risk their lives from European safe houses to upload scenes captured by friends and family still trapped in the stricken city. They are in a media war, combating ISIS' claims that Raqqa is a peaceful city and its citizens loyal subjects.”


Dunkirk – Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Barry Keoghan, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, and Tom Hardy

“Allied soldiers are trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk and completely surrounded. Little by little, the enemy pushes closer as the evacuation gets underway...”



And if you missed these films or talent at #ADIFF17, catch these in cinemas—


Their Finest


Cardboard Gangsters (Co-written and starring #ADIFF17 Discovery Award Winner John Connors)