The ADIFF Weekly Round-Up: Friday 28th July

A weekly round-up of film news, events and cinema releases.

Some things you need to know...

1. #ADIFF17 film “The Distinguished Citizen” won three Platino Awards in Madrid this past weekend, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor for Óscar Martínez. Sonia Braga, star of #ADIFF17 film “Aquarius”, also took home a Platino for Best Actress. See the full list of winners on Screen Daily.

2. #ADIFF17 film “The Farthest” hits Irish cinemas TODAY! At our 2017 Festival, the film took home three awards: Best Irish Documentary, the AUDI-ence award voted by the festival audience, and the George Byrne Maverick Award for Director Emer Reynolds. The film also will see a U.S. release in early August. For more information on opening night festivities, click here.

3. Buy your tickets to see “Hamnet”, The Dublin Theatre Festival and the Abbey Theatre’s production on the life of William Shakespeare’s only son. Performances will be on the Peacock Stage from September 26 to October 7. Keep an eye out for Ollie, a member of our Fantastic Flix Children’s Jury in collaboration with The Ark’s Children’s Council, as he takes the stage! For tickets and performance information, click here.

4. Read about #ADIFF17 film “Hounds of Love” and its continued impact on audiences and critics alike. Visit here for more information.

5. Nielsen’s TV Ratings have added Hulu and YouTube TV to their collection. With an increase in the public’s use of streaming services, ratings will continue to have to adapt.  Read more here.




And new releases in cinemas this week—

* denotes an Irish film.


47 Meters Down– Directed by Johannes Roberts and starring Claire Holt, Mandy Moore and Matthew Modine

“Dodge. Everything about this shark cage diving trip is dodgy as hell to Lisa (Moore). Maybe it’s that the hotel warned her not to take unlicensed tours. Maybe it’s because this was suggested to her, and her adventurous sis Kate (Holt), by two guys they met only the night before. It could be the old boat. Or the rusty cage. Or, you know, the sharks. Even the assurances of Matthew Modine’s captain don’t help, but that could be down to the beard and the bandana. Dodge. But Lisa goes ahead with it anyway because her boyfriend broke up with her for being boring. She should have listened to her gut because the cable snaps, trapping the sisters at the titular depth with air running out and sharks circling…”



Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie– Directed by Rob Letterman and David Soren and starring Ed Helms, Jordan Peele, Kevin Hart, Kristen Schaal and Nick Kroll

“Two mischievous kids named Harold (Thomas Middleditch) and George (Kevin Hart) hypnotise their mean school principal (Ed Helms) and turn him into their comic book creation, the kind-hearted and elastic-banded Captain Underpants.”


Girls Trip– Directed by Malcolm D. Lee and starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish

“Ryan (Hall), Sasha (Latifah), Lisa (Smith) and Dina (Haddish) have been best friends since college. Self-named the ‘Flossy Posse’, the four companions adore one another and have seen each other through thick and thin, but as they grow older, they start to drift apart. Ryan gets a chance to reunite them on a VIP weekend trip to New Orleans for the annual Essence Music Festival. While struggling to keep their personal problems at bay, the four women have the time of their lives.”


Hounds of Love– Directed by Ben Young and starring Ashleigh Cummings, Emma Booth and Stephen Curry

“Those living in a small town in Perth, Australia, haven’t a clue that there’s a serial killer couple abducting teenage girls and abusing them for cruel, sadistic pleasures. Their latest victim is Vicki Maloney (Cummings), who adores her boyfriend, Jason, but, like most teenagers, is at odds with her mother. Vicki is kidnapped by Evelyn (Booth) and John (Curry) while sneaking out to meet Jason one night. Though all seems hopeless, Vicki remains determined to escape from the couple’s house…”



The Big Sick– Directed by Michael Showalter and starring Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan

“Kumail (Nanjiani, Silicon Valley) is a Chicago-based stand-up comedian whose routine impresses Emily (Kazan) to such an extent she’s willing to go back on her no-dating rule. They click over the next few weeks but when she finds pictures of Pakistani women Kumail’s traditional parents hope he’ll marry they fight and break up. Then Emily falls sick with a mysterious infection and is put in an induced coma. He contacts her parents – Hunter and Romano – who know all about the relationship and aren’t too keen on the man who broke their daughter’s heart hanging around the hospital…”



*The Farthest– Directed by Emer Reynolds and starring Carolyn Porco, Frank Drake and John Casani

“Launched in 1977, the NASA Voyager probes were sent to explore Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and captured the imagination of a generation. Using footage from the Voyager itself and interviews with the engineers and scientists, The Farthest documents Voyager's travels and how it changed our understanding of space.”



Wish Upon– Directed by John R. Leonetti and starring Elisabeth Rohm, Joey King and Shannon Purser

“A teenage girl discovers a box that carries magic powers and a deadly price for using them.”



And if you missed these films or talent at #ADIFF17, catch these in cinemas—


The Farthest

Hounds of Love

Cardboard Gangsters (Co-written and starring #ADIFF17 Discovery Award Winner John Connors)

Dunkirk (starring #ADIFF16 Discovery Award Winner Barry Keoghan and festival regulars Kenneth Branagh and Cillian Murphy)

Their Finest