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Young Programmers Reflection 2019

I have really enjoyed my experience as a Young Programmer. For the past three months, I got the opportunity to watch top standard films from Ireland and from around the world. I was on a jury with five other Programmers and it was so fun discussing our feelings on each film. It was really nice to make friends with like minded people who are interested in film.

My favourite film I saw was Rafiki because the visuals were so vibrant and colorful. There were also no unnecessary scenes which usually slows the excitement that is supposed to be built during the course of this emotional and heartbreaking film.

The best part about being a part of this programme was having the experience of actually making a programme for  the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival and hosting a Q&A with the filmmakers. This was a very unique experience as not many people get the chance to do this job.

The programme was literally work experience for working at a Film Festival. I learnt so much about the film industry and how films are started and how the finished product is presented. There are a lot of people that work behind the scenes to make films successful.

The job is way harder than I imagined in the sense that you do not know how the audience will react to the film.