Only one week left until Dublin International Film Festival 2022 kicks off!

We aim to make the Festival more accessible for everyone and this year we will present a selection of films with additional Hard of Hearing captions to ensure the widest possible audience can participate.

Hard of Hearing (HOH) subtitles, or ‘closed captioning’, refers to subtitles specifically intended for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are a transcription rather than a translation, so as well as reproducing dialogue in films, aim to describe every additional non-dialogue sound available to a hearing audience, e.g. “(sighs)” or “(door creaks)” and song lyrics.

Here are the Festival films that will be shown with HOH subtitles on screen

1. Róise & Frank

In a seaside town, the recently widowed Róise struggles in the aftermath of her husband Frank’s passing two years prior. Grief-stricken, Róise has distanced herself from the world around her and those dearest to her. But when a stray dog follows her every move, a rejuvenated Róise starts to believe in the reincarnation of her husband and the power of enduring life in its next, tentative steps.

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2. Nitram

Caleb Landry Jones won Best Actor at Cannes Film Festival for his work on Justin Kurzel’s latest feature. Based on the shocking events of Tasmania’s Port Arthur mass murders in 1996, he plays Nitram, who lives with his parents in suburban Australia but has always struggled to fit in. When a valued friendship meets a dramatic end, Nitram begins a downward spiral that leads to one of the darkest times in Australian history. 

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3. The Worst Person In The World

Renate Reinsve won best actress at Cannes for her extraordinary work on Joachim Trier’s latest comedy-drama. The film chronicles four years in the life of her character, Julie, as she navigates her messy love life and struggles to place herself on a solid career path, beating herself up all the while she does so. Aided and abetted by his cast, Trier’s widely praised film is witty and true, and breathes fresh new life into the romantic comedy.

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4. Bergman Island

A filmmaking couple head to Faro, the island where Ingmar Bergman lived, in the latest feature from award-winning writer director Mia Hansen-Love. Tony is a huge Bergman fan, while Chris is ambivalent. But a series of strange occurrences threaten to expose the cracks in their marriage, in a film that shrewdly moves between fantasy and reality. What unfolds is a charming tale of romance, artistic inspiration and cinema.

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5. My Old School 9PM screening

In 1990s Scotland, Brandon Lee enrolled at a well-heeled school in Glasgow. The events that followed became the stuff of legend. Filmmaker Jono McLeod looks at one of the strangest and most notorious imposter cases of modern times, which becomes more sensational with every detail revealed. Uniquely, actor Alan Cummings plays Lee, who did not want his identity revealed, by lip-synching his audio recordings in a groundbreaking performance. 

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