In 2019, the festival signed up to the 50/50 by 2020 Gender Parity Pledge. While acknowledging the significant strides made so far, there is a lot more to do before this aspiration becomes a reality. We wanted to share the statistics of our 2020 Festival's framework and programme in order to note the progress we achieved this year, as well as highlight our commitment to featuring diversity in our Festival. 

This year, the Festival placed an emphasis on women with a Diversity in Screen Gender Panel (pictured above), a female-directed retrospective selection, and the 14-hour documentary celebrating the history of women in cinema, Women Make Film.

We also would love to celebrate the female guests who we have welcomed over the years and presented with our prestigious Volta Award. It is an honour to recognise these women's careers, and we look forward to the female future of filmmaking.

Volta Award Recipients

The Volta Award is specially commissioned from Sligo-based artist Bettina Seitz.

Clockwise from top left:

Dame Julie Andrews, 2015

Kristin Scott Thomas, 2010

Trine Dyrholm, 2020

Patricia Clarkson, 2010

Dame Angela Lansbury, 2016

Claudia Cardinale, 2016

Not pictured:

Consolata Boyle, 2007

Looking to the future

In 2021, the Festival will continue its commitment to greater diversity across the Festival. As we accept submissions for Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival 2021, we welcome submissions from varied ethnicities and marginalised voices, as well as seeking greater parity and a 50/50 gender-balance.

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