Sharing stories connects us.

And we have heaps of films that champion LGBTQIA+ voices at this year's festival. For many, films are a way to explore queer identities, find expression through artistic avenues, navigate suppression from institutions, and defy pre-conceived societal structures of self, identity, gender, sexuality, and love. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to engage with our queer films, no matter who you are and what your relationship to queerness may be! 

Now, let us introduce you to 5 out of the many queer films from our 2022 selection.

1. Frida 

LGBTQ+ icon, Frida Kahlo, created work that celebrates sexuality and identity. Openly exploring sexuality and gender within her own life, Frida’s legacy continues to inspire queer artists to this day. 

Summary: As it turns 20 this year, Julia Taymor’s biopic of one of the world’s most beloved artists remains as bold and colourful as Frida Kahlo herself. As well as her iconic work, the film tells of Kahlo’s tempestuous love affair with fellow artist Diego Rivera. Salma Hayek shines in the title role, and as producer was instrumental in bringing the story of the surrealist Mexican artist to the big screen. 

When: Sun, Feb 27th, 1:15 PM Light House Cinema 

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2. Benedetta 

Benedetta teaches us that we should never underestimate the power of women and love! Queer female sexuality meets the Catholic establishment in this tale based on real events.

Summary: Iconic filmmaker Paul Verhoeven brings us to 17th-century Renaissance Italy in a tale of illicit sexuality. The story is based on the real-life story of Benedetta Carlini, a novice nun who embarks on a lesbian affair with another nun, and the impact it has on both their lives. Yet it is her religious visions that truly shake the establishment of the Church in Verhoeven’s daring, bold examination of Catholicism. 

When: Wed, Mar 2nd, 8:30 PM Light House Cinema 

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3. Maisie 

Maisie is a fantastic documentary that follows Mr David Raven as he navigates the twists and turns of drag performance, professional rivalries, and growing older. 

Summary: Meet a character more colourful than his gowns, as Britain’s Oldest Drag Artiste prepares for his 85th birthday celebrations and the unique challenges that old age brings. 

When: Fri, Feb 25th, 5:00 PM – Mon, Feb 28th, 5:00 PM Online 

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4. Everyman 

This Short is a deeply personal deep dive into gender and its relationship to social constructs, perception, and self-identity, this short film is featured in our Glasgow Shorts Programme. 

Summary: A personal essay about gender transition – focusing on the social context and implications and exploring how the world is different living as female compared to being perceived as male. Jack tells his story by using and reframing gender-focused tropes and imagery from popular culture, mythology, history and art. 

When: Wed, Feb 23rd, 10:00 AM – Sun, Mar 6th, 11:59 PM Online 

           Thu, Mar 3rd, 8:30 PM Light House Cinema 

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5. Benediction 

From queer director, Terence Davies. For ages, queer people have been serving their countries in war, their queerness unacknowledged and their stories untold. Some of the most valuable documentation of the first World War comes from the writing of several gay poets. 

Summary: Terence Davies’ feature tells the story of the remarkable life of acclaimed British poet Siegfried Sassoon. A decorated soldier during WW1, Sassoon’s anti-war poems later led to him being sent to a psychiatric facility, where he had several affairs with other men before entering into a heterosexual marriage. Davies’ film gives a full account of Sassoon’s life and work, and features what Variety described as: “A tremendous star turn by Jack Lowden.” 

When: Sun, Mar 6th, 1:00 PM Light House Cinema

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