C’est vrai: on adore les films français! 

It is well known that the French do cinema like no other. And considering the hegemony of English-speaking films sans sous-titres throughout the anglophone world, it is no small feat to break through the fortified walls of the lingua franca aka l’anglais.

That is why this year, as always, we have a line-up fantastique (magnifique!) for you Francophones and Francophiles out there! And don't worry if your French is a little rusty, all our films have English subtitles so absolutely everyone can enjoy.

We are delighted to be screening so many French-speaking movies and to welcome you back into cinemas (and online) to sit back, immerse yourself in Francophone culture and forget all about the world for a moment... 

Je que seulement oublier et puis je...regarde les film français...

First, let's start with in-person screenings:

1. Délicieux 

Pre-Revolutionary French Culture in all its decadence, but the real jewel is the inspiring creativity of human beings.   

Summaire: Éric Besnard’s feature unfolds as the French Revolution looms and centres on Pierre Manceron, a proud and arrogant chef who is dismayed to have been sacked. Eager to reclaim his culinary celebrity, he takes over an inn and there, a mysterious woman convinces him to indulge diners in the very best French cuisine he can produce. History, politics and France’s passion for food combine in this comedy/drama, which is wise to attend on a full stomach.  

Est-ce-que vous mangez de la brioche? 

Heureusement, for all you French cinema lovers outside Dublin, the online screening for Délicieux is available online! AND you can catch Délicieux in person at the Light House Cinema in Smithfield.  

Quand: Sun, Feb 27th, 8:45 PM Light House Cinema

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2. Everything went Fine

With assisted dying becoming more widely available across Europe, we now have stories that deal with this purposeful decision to bring life to an end. But how do we support this decision and how does this affect human relationships?   

Summaire: Acclaimed filmmaker François Ozon has gathered an A-list cast for his latest drama, which focuses on an unparalleled dilemma. When 85-year-old André suffers a debilitating stroke, he asks his daughter to assist him in ending his own life. Ozon’s reputation as an actor’s director is very much in evidence as he collaborates with stars including Sophie Marceau, André Dussollier and Charlotte Rampling to deliver a powerful family story.  

Quand: Sat, Mar 5th, 8:00 PM  

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3. Eia Pour Césaire 

Aimé Césaire continues to be one of the most important philosophers and writers in the Francophone world. As France struggles to come to terms with its own colonial past and present, the story of Césaire and his work is more important than ever. A must for French history lovers and Césaire fans. 

Summaire: After the death of the poet and activist Aimé Césaire, friend and subject of many of her films, Sarah Maldoror revisits points of the globe where he traveled to. 

A film that uses comedy as a way to combat racist stereotypes and outdated nationalist ideas, such as the concept of culinary prowess, through a look at the daily lives of African migrants in Paris. 

Quand: Wed, Mar 2nd, 1:15 PM

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Je viendrais à ce pays mien et je lui dirais: "Embrassez-moi sans crainte...

Et si je ne sais que parler, c'est pour vous que je parlerai 

-Aimé Césaire 


Available Online and In-Person 

4. You Resemble Me

This is a story of the consequences of conflict. You Resemble Me asks us to confront who we consider to be guilty or innocent and what role cultural identities play in those conclusions. 

Summaire: Dina Amer’s powerful first feature looks at the nature of identity and Islamic radicalisation through the story of Hasna Ait Boulachen, who was wrongly thought to be Europe’s first female suicide bomber. Boulachen was linked to the 2015 attacks which devastated Paris when she died in a raid targeting her cousin, who was one of the ringleaders in the attacks. Riz Ahmed, Spike Lee and Spike Jonze are among the film’s executive producers. 

Quand: Fri, Mar 4th, 3:45 PM

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5. Happening

Happening is an exploration of freedom or lack thereof. Women’s reproductive autonomy and education are at the centre of this gripping and deeply emotive film by Annie Ernaux. 

Summaire: This adaptation of Annie Ernaux’s acclaimed novel won the prestigious Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival. It tells of Anne, a student in a provincial French college, who discovers she’s pregnant as her final exams approach. At the cusp of her dreams of university life, she considers a termination - but this is 1963, where abortion is illegal and sex is rarely discussed. Early critical praise for the film - described by Deadline as “a bravura piece of filmmaking” - has been universal. 

Quand: Mon, Feb 28th, 7:00 PM 

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6. Olga

Olga is based in Switzerland and follows the story of a young gymnast who must deal with the emotional turmoil of life whilst also competing in the Olympics. We’re reminded of the debate surrounding Simone Biles’ decision to discontinue in the Olympics due to her mental health in 2020. 

Summaire: A teenage gymnast exiled in Switzerland dreams of Olympic gold in Elie Grappe’s multi-award-winning drama. Fifteen-year-old Olga is a Ukrainian gymnast working to succeed with her new team in her new home. But as a major contest approaches, the Ukrainian people stage a revolution, shaking her to the core and testing her focus to the limit. Can she reconcile her personal goals with the history unfolding in her homeland? 

Quand: Sun, Feb 27th, 6:00 PM

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