As this year you’ll discover a different way to enjoy the best cinema - from the safety of your social bubble - our Managing Director Helen Hutton listed a few things you should know about the 2021 edition of Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival.  

DIFFs response to Covid 

This year's festival is our response to the challenges faced in the arts due to Covid. This time last year, we were celebrating the film festival all the while with an ear on the news as Covid travelled towards Ireland. Nobody could have envisaged it would still be dominating the news a year later. It was important for us to ensure we still had a festival, no matter what Covid Level we were living through. We all need something to look forward to; something to plan in our safety bubbles; or share with our friends online. So we designed a festival that happens on multiple platforms. 

Enjoy the Festival from your bubble 

You can enjoy VMDIFF21 from the safety of your bubble, thanks to the online programme. One of the silver linings of the online screenings is that we can now take our festival to the 32 counties of Ireland. This is a really great opportunity for us to share with the whole country the wonderful programme Grainne, our Festival Director, has curated.


Safety First 

Health and Safety is our top priority, we all know someone who is vulnerable, and we have approached our festival with them in mind. We are all doing everything recommended by the HSE to keep our customers, our staff and our country safe. 


Screen 8 project VMDIFF21

Dont miss Screen 8  

The thing I am most looking forward to is the screening of the Screen 8 project short film. The Screen 8 project is sponsored by The Digital Hub. With them, we bring in a film maker in residence to work with a group of young people from Dublin 8. They write, direct and star in that film, and for most it is their first experience of film making. We are screening the film as part of DIFF 2021 for them and their friends and family. 

Ticket Bundles

Don't want to miss VMDIFF21? 

Discover our Ticket Bundles: we have five different options available from €30 to €80!