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An Encounter

Freely adapted from the James Joyce short story, An Encounter follows Stephen and Jay, (13), as they take a day mitching from school. Jay is a boy Stephen considers to be beneath him. Nervous of being detected, the pair stick to the margins, along the royal canal and through the anonymous docklands until the afternoon finds them on the grassy banks of the Irishtown shore. As they lay hidden in the grass, a strange man approaches. What unfolds with this man terrifies Stephen and will never be erased from his memory.

Directed By: Kelly Campbell Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 19:59


A woman questions her lifestyle choices when the travails of urban living are one day jolted into juxtaposition with a simpler way of life.
Directed By: Aisling Conroy Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 04:06


A savvy young homeless girl creates a robot as a surrogate for her departed younger brother. Not everyone is happy with their partnership.
Directed By:Andy B Clarke Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 11:07

If Neo Meets Argon

A neon sign-maker has his solitude interrupted by an energetic young intruder. Can these two men forge a kinship amidst the flickering of neon lights?
Directed By: James Doherty Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 15:00

Lady Betty

The grisly folk tale of Lady Betty, the only female executioner in Ireland, as told by two old friends who can’t agree on the details.
Directed By: Paul McGrath Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 07:20

Memento Mori

Post-mortem photographer Mr. Huxley tends to his latest subject: a mysterious young woman - whose presence conjures Huxley's personal demons, compelling him to confront his narcissistic life
Directed By: Paul O'Flanagan Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 08:46


An omniscient Pig narrates a doomed relationship between the man who kills them and the woman who serves them as an in-flight meal.
Directed By: Gareth Lyons Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 05:02


The friendship of two young boys is put to the test as they set out to build a radio to communicate with something other worldly.
Directed By: Diarmuid Donohoe Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 09:45

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