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Look at a mistake that is not human. Be present in the uncontrollable intervention of the material. Between control and chance, surface and void, a film will (perhaps) be found.
Directed By: Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist Country: Denmark Year: 2020
Duration: 03:30

Hairy Monster

So-yeong, a would-be scriptwriter and a member of the so-called Kangaroo Tribe, is pressed toward economic independence by Ung-seop, a hairy man who is her mother's boyfriend. Noticing that hairs are being scattered around the house, So-yeong is tormented by the voice of Hairy Monster. So-yeong tries to reveal that Ung-seop is in fact the Hairy Monster.
Directed By: Oh Jisook Kim Country: South Korea Year: 2020
Duration: 24:58


Joe Gibbons prepares to go back to the local cattle mart for the first time since his near fatal heart attack. But, it's no ordinary day and Joe is soon confronted with the harsh truth of his future
Directed By: Tristan Heanue Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 15:34

Libre - A Celebration of the Queer Body

Four individuals from the queer community reflect on struggles and personal triumphs that universally translate to open minds and those of a willingness to learn and understand. A visual experience that gives open access to an artistic photoshoot in which the individuals celebrate their queer bodies and complete a journey of expression and self-love.
Directed By: Arthur Lopes Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 15:44

Mora Mora

Little Mora is sinking into an endless sea. What looks like a little island appears to be a floating piano – her transitory salvation. Discovering she can conjure up the wind by pressing piano keys, Mora starts a journey through a dormant world. Getting acquainted with its features and creatures, Mora looks for ways to bring it back to life.
Directed By: Jurga Šeduikytė Country: Lithuania Year: 2021
Duration: 10:05

Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit

There he sits proudly on his beautiful motorbike which he would never loan to anyone. He is certain that he alone can explore the jungle. A playful re-enactment with reversed roles that takes aim at the hubris of colonial conquerors.
Directed By: Gabriel Herrera Country: Mexico Year: 2021
Duration: 10:00

Spirit Level

A reading of Seamus Heaney's poem "Mycenae Lookout" propels Cassandra, a young actress, into addressing her own personal trauma during the sectarian violence of 1990's Northern Ireland. A sensorial and immersive trip into a young woman’s psyche, Spirit Level boldly dissects the emotional manipulation of re-enactment, cinema as an unreliable historian, and the vampiric relationship between identity and performance.
Directed By: Eoin Heaney Country: Ireland Year: 
Duration: 21:00

Store Policy

Lea begins a summer job as a cashier in a large supermarket chain. In an empty and cold environment, she soon discovers the underlying violence of the work place.
Directed By: Sarah Arnold Country: France Year: 2020

Duration: 16:58

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