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And Then They Burn The Sea

And Then They Burn the sea is an elegiac contemplation on familial memory and loss. Filmmaker Majid Al-Remaihi ruminates on the experience of witnessing his mother’s gradual and terminal memory loss over the course of many years. Weaving a personal family archive, reenacted dreams and rituals, the film underlines the promise of cinema as a medium for memories even at their most irretrievable.
Directed By: Majid Al-Remaihi Country: Qatar Year: 2021
Duration: 12:34


Angela is a domestic cleaner who keeps herself to herself. Mairead is a house-proud mother who, more often than not, finds herself alone at home with the children. When a mundane household accident forces Angela to add emergency childminding to her list of duties, a friendship begins between employer and employee. As the relationship blooms, they begin to discover that there may be more that binds them together than just loneliness. But is this just another work-based transaction, or does it mean something else?
Directed By: Edwin Mullane Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 15:47


BFI Network presents: a hand-drawn sequential telling of human history in all its horror and glory, culminating in our next evolutionary leap. Cuties explores the elusive beauty in how we as a species continue forward in spite of our proclivity for destruction.
Directed By: Theo W Scott Country: United Kingdom Year: 2021
Duration: 05:14


Sasha and a girl living in the same house are talking about a strange event that happened to the girl. The girl enters the bathroom and Sasha walks to the window but suddenly sees the same girl in the street.
Directed By: Mahdi Safavi Country: Russian Federation Year: 2021
Duration: 06:10

Nothing to Declare

Keith Byrne (10) and Noel Murray (13) from Darndale had run away before, but evading the authorities in three countries was a first – even for them ! In August 1985 they began an incredible adventure that would see the young duo leaving home and eventually ending up in New York having arrived there on an Air India flight from London. Their journey baffled security in three countries, caused a major terrorism alert and left their parents in the dark about their whereabouts for days. Now thirty-six years later together on screen for the very first time,, Keith and Noel recount their adventure. 
Directed By: Garret Daly Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 29:55

Sucking Diesel

After a bungled robbery, a petrol station owner must decide whether to protect her idiot employee or turn him over to the most dangerous man in Ballybeg.
Directed By: Sam McGrath Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 10:10

The Colour Between

Annalise and Chris are bringing up their infant son surrounded by love and care. When Chris brings terrible news home, everything becomes under threat. A film about family and an interracial couple under fire. Annalise is at the heart of it all.
Directed By: Dave Tynan Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 12:25

The Passion

The Passion tells the story of a young man who accidentally kills the love of his life in a car crash, and seeks resolution and escape with her mother. This psychologically complex yet subtle story brings us into post-recession rural Ireland. A community has turned its back on who they believe is a perpetrator rather than a victim. Steven has done time for the incident, and can’t find a way to reconcile himself to his new life. He turns to his dead girlfriend’s mother for solace, and a strange relationship unfolds.
Directed By: Mia Mullarkey Country: Ireland Year: 2021
Duration: 19:23


After a sleepless night Lara steals her husband's phone to make a call. When she's not met with the reception she expected, things take an even darker turn.
Directed By: Claire Byrne Country: United Kingdom Year: 2021

Duration: 06:27

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