The Virgin Media Film Festival 2022 is just around the corner.  

And we are teeming with excitement to welcome you all back to cinemas at the end of the month.  

We have a whole host of movies to choose from, and with over 140 films in 12 days, there is something for everyone. So if you're in the mood for a trip into the dream world or to fly through the air with a gravity-defying gymnast, here are the picks of the day that we think you’ll love: 

 1. Journey into the dream world with this Fantasy/Sci-fi drama 

Strawberry Mansion is a kind of colourful dystopia you never thought was possible, set in the future when the government records and taxes your dreams. We follow our protagonist (and taxman of dreams) James Preble as he explores the vivid imagination of Arabella Isadora whose first name is surely a nod to the Arctic Monkey’s song by the same name  

“And when she needs to shelter from reality, She takes a dip in my daydreams”.  

It’s the kind of movie that surprises you at every turn, in which you won't get lost but are never quite sure what’s going on. If you’re into taking a trip into non-reality with plenty of home truths sprinkled in, Strawberry Mansion is for you. Check out the screening times and dates here to book your ticket. 


2. Explore the underbelly of fishing life 

Luzzu is a Special Jury Award winner at Sundance for its lead actor and it’s no wonder. This film is a modern exploration into what it means to be a provider and the struggle people encounter when forced to choose between ethics and survival, future and past. Luzzu takes a dramatic look at the way we live today, as Jesmark, a Maltese fisherman is forced to take on work in the black market to provide for his family but which will potentially cost him his future and that of his son.  

What would you do to provide for your family? To find out what Jesmark is willing to do, click here. 

3. Follow a husband and wife in love...but not with each other? 

This is a deliciously funny French rom-com that we absolutely adored. Elles star Anaïs Demoustier (also Anaïs in the film) begins an affair with an older married man (Daniel) only to develop feelings for his wife, Emilie. We follow Anais as she runs after her unwavering heart, gets found out and chastises Daniel for his jealousy. If you’re looking for a rom-com just in time for Valentine’s this is the one for you: Anais in Love.

4. Fly through the air with Olga 

When we watch shows like Cheer on Netflix or gymnasts compete at the Olympics, we feel tremendous awe and amazement. The things athletes are capable of doing with their bodies is mind-blowing and inspiring. Although it is unlikely we’ll ever get to do a double backflip with three twists like Amanda Biles or land a perfect landing from the bars, we’re still addicted to watching this sport.  

In the film Olga, we follow the Ukranian gymnast as she trains for the Olympics in Switzerland. But she also has to deal with the unfolding reality of revolution in her home country- where her family lives. Can she mentally cope with personal strive whilst also performing some of the most mentally challenging manoeuvres in Sport? Find out in Olga. 


5. What do young people really think about the future? 

Futura doesn’t talk about ‘the youth’, it asks them directly and it’s refreshing to see. This documentary is a poignant exploration of young people’s lives, what they feel about social media, their community, their families and what life has (or has not) in store for them. 

Check out the cinema screenings for Futura here.